So, I was known as Mimi YUSHALANI but you can call me Mimoi because this nickname was famous in my school years haha. I'm from 95 liners, was born on 23 September (yeap I share the same birthday with KEY). I'm proudly from Kelantan, Malaysia. Yes, I got that Kelantanese accent.
My family are still alive, Alhamdulillah. Have four siblings including me. Eldest brother, Sister, Second Brother & Me. FAIZ, FARHANA, FAISHAL & MIMI. (Where the hell I got that M from?). I have 3 siblings in law and that means all my brothers and sister are married. Do pray for me hahah.
Actually, my study life is a bit complicated since I love moved to various schools. I'm currently studying in Besancon, France (French Linguistics). Imma be French Teacher in MRSM, Insya Allah. SM Sains Seri Puteri (11/12), SMKTIP1 (08/10), SMKTIP2 (10), SMKA Naim Lilbanat (08), SK Sri Wangi (04/07) & SK Banggol Guchil (02/04).
I'm a coward girl. I'm afraid of Interviews, Lizards, Frogs, and Public Speaking. But I love nature, Kpop, Languages, Handsome Guys (hahahah), and dance. I loved to write in my blog although I don't have the writing skill that everyone love and searched for. Sorry. I'm not the one who easily get mad of something. But if I'm angry, ready for some earthquake. So, don't make me. Know that once aku merajuk, it means it's not the first time aku terasa hati dengan kau.

Until now, that's all I got. Any quests? Just ask. I won't eat you.

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