Saturday, October 3, 2015

SMULE Addiction

Assalamualaikum everybody.

It's been months since I last promised to keep updating my blog hahaha. Whatever. I don't have time to think and write. Haish. What an attitude.

Btw what we can say in Malaysia, we always start our new year/semester on January. Some exceptions go to universities that usually accept new students in june etc right? Otherwise, in France (or maybe in Europe or in western countries), every institution starts their new year after summer break, which is around September. Hmm interesting. So, i already started my 2015/2016 study and i'm getting ready for a big exam this December. T_T Do pray for me. Insya Allah. Sinon (if not), i'll have to take another exam in May 2016.

However that's not what I wanna say right now (according to this post's title). Do you know the existence of a karaoke application called SMULE? Alaaa, that one where there's Jessi J singing with her fans. Yes. And I finally accidentally downloaded it. It's not a problem for those who don't like singing but si, it's a BIGGG problem for me. I'm addicted :'(.

The ones who registered it for the first time will get a 7days free trial and you know what? I already did 50++ recordings (plus the recordings that people joined me). Plus, their tagline is "Connecting The World Through Music" and I totally agree with it. I found a lot of people who loved the same songs that I adore etc. And this is one of my recordings, a duet esp.

<iframe width="100%" height="125" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

I really really really really really hope that I will stop after the expiration of the free trial. I can still sing but I can't have certain things without paying. It's okay. It's good for me. Because it doesn't really matter if addiction is the only problem. Mais non! I shouted and screamed and sang hysterically in my room, causing some disturbing noise to my housemates. They didn't complaint but I know how would I feel if i'm in the same boat as them.

The conclusion is, you can do what you love. But do it moderately.


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