Monday, June 10, 2013

Gag Concert

Do you love watching comedies? I do. I love to laugh and yes, I laugh a LOT. It is very the tak senonoh. Hahah. Don't put me in front of the TV especially when Korean Variety Show aired. Please don't. I'll end up laughing hard. Like damn hard. Chwaha. Not only Korean shows, local comedies pun I tengok okayy? Nak layan komedi Malaysia senang je. Buka Asto Warna and tengok je laa. Biasanya aku tengok Raja Lawak, Maharaja Lawak, Maharaja Lawak Mega etc. Yang lain kureng. Sebab nampak macam stupid comedy. Hahah. Maaf. That's just my opinion.

Korean biasanya bukan time rancangan lawak je diorang praktikkan komedi. They wanted to be funny  anytime, anywhere. For example, kalau any korean idols dijemput ke mana mana rancangan, they will prepare something funny to show. That's what they usually do lah. Ok abaikan. Hari ni aku nak cakap pasal gag concert, rancangan komedi paling umum di South Korea. Kiranya almost all Korean comedian come from Gag Concert. Tak percaya? Bukak KBSWorld every Saturday at 9.50pm. Kalau tak silap. Hahah.

Dalam Gag Concert ada segmen segmen. Diorang akan buat pakatan sesama diorang untuk menjayakan segmen masing masing. Contohnya, segmen kegemaran aku:

Madam Jeong.
(About 2 rich women, Mom & Daughter [which are actually men] who always wanted to get refund or exchange products that they bought. They give stupid excuses to get a refund and they are funny. The rich women also have 2 not-alive-dogs called Brownie & Bukkeureomni)

The Young King
( About a young king that is always disregarded and underestimated by his people)

Four Men
(Each man has one characteristic that woman dislike. Fat. Short. Unsophisticated. Unpopular. They want to prove that they are not that bad.)

Discoveries in Life
(A pair of couple who always break up every week. This segment is really interesting because if the girlfriend asked her boyfriend to break up, then she'll bring a hot Korean idol or maybe A GROUP of Korean Idols. Haha. But if the man asked her, he'll bring Korean girls. So yeah. Its funny.)

But the funniest and sweetest moment is... since Shin Bo Ra(girlfriend) & Kim Gi Ri(waiter of the restaurant where the couple always broke up at) announce their relationship to the public, Discoveries in Life segment seems to be moreeeeeeeeeeeeee interesting!! Awwww. You must watch it yourself baru tahu macam mana.

Ohh so sweet la this kapel. :D

So yeah. Perasan tak, segmen segmen ada kisah tersendiri and it is the same every single week. You thought you would easily get bored and tired of these but NOPE. Sekali tengok maybe korang akan like, "Apa ni? Tak lucu pun. Kau paham ke apa yang dia nak sampaikan? Baik tengok komedi Malaysia blah blah." Ok fine. Abang aku selalu cakap macam ni kat aku. Well y'know, I understand their comedy really well now. Sometimes, I laugh really hard but my bro was like, "What the hell are you laughing at? It's not funny!!". You know what? I don't care! Suka hati lah nak cakap apa, tapi Gag Concert sangat best dan they do intelligent comedies. Some of them might be stupid as well but I love almost all Korean comedies. Hihihi. Nak try?

Enjoy! You'll laugh. I hope so. Because I laughed :) Hihihi



fzan fauzan said...

tahniah ko berjaya buat aq gelak masa aq tengok korea hahah

Anonymous said...

Kau tengok dua dua video ke? yeayy! hahah at least aku berjaya buat seseorang gelak :D