Friday, July 29, 2011

♥ Nakhon Si Thammarat [Day 4] ♥

6 Julai 2011 (Rabu)

Getting ready. We're going to The Sangwiman Muslim Village.
Like usual, took some pics again.
and again.
Let's Gone! This journey's kinda exciting.
Coz, the shoots will slap our face if we didnt close the window.
Arrived. Actually, the reason we came here is..
Sempat bergambar dengan one of
the hot guy from Thailand. Phawin.
Then, we make pomelo soap!!
Mixing stuffs :)
Enjoying the day.
Continue eating pomelos! TASTY!!
Our location is seriously far from others,
so, we ate LOTS and LOTS.
Lasty, the pomelo ate me. haha.
Continue journey to Pak Phanang River pulak.
Yeap, the boy's naked. =.="
Naik boat and menikmati keindahan alam.
Balik and ready for FAREWELL PARTY!!!!
Because this is the last night. T________T noooooo!
Pelajar2 Thailand.
Diorang punya baju ikut umur.
Ni lah makanan makanan yang disediakan. Yumm!
What's that green thang? IDK.
Performance by Thai students.
They are my friends (even I dont remember their names, sorry)
They keep telling me that I'm cute
and asking me for my FB.
hmm, what to do? I hafta believe their words. HAHAHA
It's our turn now. We did Waka Waka dance.
Happy! Everyone enjoyed eventho I did few mistakes.
Next, ASIS sang. JB and Bunkface's songs.
They got lotsa fans from Thailand, seriously.
secondly, we did 'Malaysia Truly Asia' dance that we did
in Citrawarna 2011.
At night, we exchange culture. (uahahaaha)
Actually, the one who wears the maroon prefect suit is
a Thailand student!
KA-TAK. Lovely, right?
She's already a muslim, actually.
That's All. Tido.
Actually, there's one more thing happen at that night. Ngehehe

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