Friday, July 29, 2011

♥ Nakhon Si Thammarat [Day 3] ♥

5 Julai 2011 (Selasa)

Pagi ni kami masuk kelas. Group saya blajar Fizik. Tak nak!!!!
And they are my classmates :) Miss em.
Then, masuk Muchalin Room to watch story telling competition.
She's one of the participant from SESERI.
She got number one.
And he's from ASIS.
There's more participants, actually.
My buddy gives me this, in case I was thirsty.
But actually she didnt know, i hate vegies.
But still, thanks. I drank it! 
Went to the Walailak University. Yeah, transformation!
Study bout Biodiversity and all.
And we took some pics before we left.
And again, my buddy gave me something special.
Ice-cream pulut!!! LOVE IT!
My buddy's really sweet, isnt it?
When we comeback to the school,
we saw a band!! AWEEEESOMEE :)
Rushed to the SPORT CENTER to watch 
cheerleading competition.
This is the group that 'SING' the cheer thingy.
It's so freaking LOUD. SERIOUSLY!
Kalau ada orang histeria, we'll never notice.
And this is the group that 'DANCE' to the cheer.
Like I told you before :D
This group rocks my socks!
Kami kat belakang, so tak nampak the 'real' cheerleading. =.="
It has come to an end. Nervous time.
And a happy ending for the blue team.
At night, kebetulan one of the cheerleader
masuk dorm cari something.
The end for third day. Sleep :)

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